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Managers, Are You Leading or Just Passing Through? Every dealership I have visited lately has the phone calls tracked or not, going to the switchboard or BDC. Then they round robin to sales staff if the BDC is busy "We know that never happens;" The...

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More About Kim Clouse and I Auto Consultants Kim is managing owner of I Auto Consultants and is always evaluating solutions that set standards for truly assisting car dealers.  He only works with select strategic alliance professionals who are quantifiable...

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About Kim Clouse

Kim Clouse specializes in teaching a “complete automotive internet sales process” that is customized for each dealer visited. I understand that every car dealer environment is different and that there are a range of personalities and experience unique to your business. Whether car dealers are just getting started in digital marketing or changing an outdated process, we will work together to reach your goals.
I want to work with everyone!
ndependent dealers in any rural area, single point hometown dealerships or automotive groups in different regions. Together, we will strive to help make each dealership I visit perform better.  

With Kim Clouse it’s all about:
  • Understanding that a computer never sold a car but essential technology knowledge and use is required daily. 
  • Bringing the basics back to your dealership while working with key dealer staff on strategy that increases production and builds customer relationships for life.
  • Teaching that there is much more to be obtained from correctly understanding differences in car dealer digital prospects, inquiries and follow-up.
  • Correct automotive sales process and policy with proper consequence are much more productive and profitable than waiting for the “Up Buss.”

Kim Clouse has over two decades of “in the trenches” automotive experience. He was a charter member of the AAISP back in the day and winner of a Lemons to Lemonade Award given at Digital Dealer. Kim spoke at the 4th Digital Dealer Conference in Orlando, the 5th in Grapevine, Texas in 2008 and the 6th in Las Vegas for 2009. At the 6th Digital Dealer Conference, Clouse moderated round-table discussions for automotive internet sales professionals. Kim also spoke in the general session at Digital Dealer then appeared in separate breakout sessions for auto dealers and internet sales managers from across the United States.

Clouse is a past member of Southeast Toyota Pro’s – Master Level, GM Mark of Excellence – multiple years, Cadillac e-certified and was Honda i-certified with training and experience from most other manufacturers. Kim also has extensive experience in marketing/advertising and offers “in house” video creation/editing including creating copy for any business vertical.

If you want to succeed, recover the essentials and focus!
Contact: 205-265-1885  or email kimclouse@iautoconsultants.com 

Thank you all,



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