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Managers, Are You Leading or Just Passing Through? Every dealership I have visited lately has the phone calls tracked or not, going to the switchboard or BDC. Then they round robin to sales staff if the BDC is busy "We know that never happens;" The...

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More About Kim Clouse and I Auto Consultants Kim is managing owner of I Auto Consultants and is always evaluating solutions that set standards for truly assisting car dealers.  He only works with select strategic alliance professionals who are quantifiable...

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i Auto Consultants – Kim Clouse

Kim Clouse has been involved with automotive internet sales for over two decades. He has been a charter member of the AAISP and winner of the Lemons to Lemonade award given at Digital Dealer. Clouse spoke at the 4th Digital Dealer Conference in Orlando, the 5th in Grapevine, Texas in 2008 and shared the Keynote to open the 6th conference in Las Vegas for 2009. At the 6th Digital Dealer Conference, Kim also moderated one of the round table discussions for automotive internet sales professionals, participated in the general session then spoke in a separate breakout session for auto dealers and internet sales managers from across the United States. Kim is the founder and managing owner of I Auto Consultants in Jasper, Al.

Kim only works with select strategic alliance professionals and companies who are quantifiable and share the vision of bringing about true change for professionals in the automotive industry.
Kim challenges all of the consultants and vendors crawling out of the wood work to prove they can actually walk into a dealership, find a prospect, use a process, work a customer, and then sell them the right car. Kim Clouse will make dealers aware of Snake Oil.

Services include:

  •  Evaluating dealers to help develop and carry out the correct process
  •  Assist in creating successful dealership policy in all departments
  •  Creating the proper consequence and  adherence/implementation practices
  • Website design, development and deployment with the latest technology utilization from AutoJini.
  • LotLinx Certified Agency: Kim Clouse has used Lotlinx personally with great success so if you want to know about it at a different level, fill out the form below.
  • Video and audio editing and production
  • Avocar, talking cars making dealer inventory appear life-like for commercial broadcast and web applications.
  • Helping dealers spend less while increasing customer satisfaction,  avoiding the lure of vendors and so-called experts who seek only to profit from dealers.

Kim has been a member of the Southeast Toyota Pro’s at the master level for multiple years, GM Mark of Excellence for multiple years, Cadillac e-certified and Honda i-certified. His past dealership training and experience is in all GM makes. Honda, VW, Mazda, Toyota, Ford and Hyundai. Kim got his start with marketing and advertising in the late 80’s by writing copy and composing music for jingles and commercials with radio and television.
Contact: 205-265-1885

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