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Selling Cars Still Requires Professional Selling

I have been pretty much silent in the realm of automotive digital chatter lately. Perhaps it is because I needed to learn more or discover what has changed on a real sales floor. Since July 2013, I have been back at Carl Cannon Chevrolet in Jasper, Alabama discovering first hand again what challenges lie ahead for professionals in this field.

This is where the digital journey began for me with GM Buy Power and Autobytel in the last century. I know we all realize what has transpired since then with technology. What I have found that has not changed is; The fact that without professional sales people who have been properly trained to greet, speak, listen, and evaluate, fewer cars get sold. Whether online or in person the big numbers just do not happen. It truly seems that the more we learn, the less we do and that is the reverse of what is necessary to get to the top. This is just a quick “hell yes I am still here” shout out. Those of you who get after it all day, every day, are winning and deserve it. Those of you who are taking shortcuts and using technology to cherry pick your prospects need to find another job because your success is temporary. Stop wasting your dealers time and money and get dedicated.
If it were easy, everyone would do it!

Sell well,


More About Kim Clouse and I Auto Consultants

Kim is managing owner of I Auto Consultants and is always evaluating solutions that set standards for truly assisting car dealers.  He only works with select strategic alliance professionals who are quantifiable and share the vision of bringing about true change at the dealer level.

Clouse states that helping the dealer control cost while avoiding the Snake Oil in this industry is paramount for i Auto Consultants.  I have been fortunate to learn from exceptional people for over 2 decades. When teaching dealers and their personnel took a back seat to creating new ways of fleecing, I hit eject. I returned to the sales floor for a blessing in disguise  5 more years. At this point in my career I am returning to stop the fleecing of dealers and share what I have learned.

Kim Clouse has been a member of Southeast Toyota Pro’s – Master Level, GM Mark of Excellence for multiple years, Cadillac e-certified and Honda i certified. His training and experience works across all makes and he has extensive experience in marketing and advertising in his background.

If you want to succeed pay attention!!!
It is time to cut the waste and the BS.

Kim Clouse